1. I knew very very little about my camera or photography when I took a series of photos of Molly, but this one turned out the best as it had the least motion blur. 

  2. The over-exposure wow. No wonder there’s movement blur. I do kind of like the concepts on both of these though, they tell more of a story (if you watch/know of Naruto, you’ll probably know what each shows). 

  3. I’m pretty sure that for this entire day I had something on my lense, and also incredibly shaky hands/bad focus.


  4. Blast from the past photos

    I want to upload some of my oldest (and really, really bad) photos so I can see where I’ve already progressed and where I can still improve. I’m sorry they’re all pretty blurry, out of focus and generally poor. Interestingly, the cosplay ones do seem to tell a bit more of a story, so maybe that’s something I should consider - maybe by going to MCM expo this year.

    I’ll be tagging these photos with #throwback photo. 

  5. Taken October 2013. 
    Getting as little blur as possible while zoomed in a lot proved pretty difficult! Especially when photographing birds who are zestly little buggers. Anyway, here’s a photo of a sparrow!

    More to follow. 

  7. Taken October 2013.
    The compression of size seems to have added grain to the photo. There needed to be a stronger focus on the ‘eye’ of the bird, too. 

  8. Switzerland - August 2013 

    I wanted to try and do some manual focus shots up-close to objects. There appears to be some movement blur here. 

  9. Switzerland - August, 2013. 

    The Freddie Mercury statue at Lake Geneva, Montreux. 

    I will admit I am totally biased in that I am totally overlooking every flaw this photo may have due to the subject matter being total perfection. 

  10. Switzerland - August 2013. 

    Three guys were pretending to be statues and when you put Swiss Francs in their little pot on the ground they did a cool little dance.